Meet Jitka

A little about me -

My name is Jitka and I come from Prague, the Czech Republic, a heart of Europe.

I started painting in 2012 and since then it has been a big ride which began with discovering how to hold a brush, how to mix colors, discovering different perspectives and finally improving my skills of how to keep a floor clean (my husband regretted buying such expensive floor after seeing me paint – Martin, I’m so sorry). Anyway, this small obstacle didn’t stop my hobby from going. I love painting, I love trying new styles because it makes me excited that every other painting will be different than the previous one. Yes, I am kinda adventurous!

In 2014, I had my own exhibition in a small but cozy Café in the close surroundings of Prague. That time I didn’t have that many paintings that I could show the world but still painting made me happy and I wanted to make other people happy through my art. This exhibition was also a celebration for my book called Three cases of David Golias which is written in Czech only. Now, you are probably asking yourself she is a writer as well? The answer is yes, I do write time to time but these days I prefer painting.

As I said earlier, I love trying new things and new styles of paintings, therefore, I joined courses of Japanese art – Sumi-e. As a result of me trying to get closer to Japanese culture and art, I took part in the exhibitions (2016 and 2017) of Sumi-e, organized by Japanese institute. The exhibition was held at Pruhonice Castle, close to Prague. Basically, Sumi-e was a great experience of learning how to draw on a rice paper where is unbelievably difficult to stop ink from breaking, so it learned me the Japanese patience and calmness which I’m very grateful for!

However, I wanted to go even further with painting and its purpose. The thing about painting is that you can paint literally on everything and that works with me! So, I said to myself what if I combine gained experience from Sumi-e with silky scarves to make unique pieces of art that everyone can take out wherever they go. Art – painting is a part of our lives for such a long time, but still, it can be even more involved!


Collection for sale

Here is my portfolio of paintings that I have painted throughout the years.